Unrepresented Buyers: Extra 3% off of Our Listings

When houses are listed on MLS, normally 3% is allocated to the buyer agent as commission. If an unrepresented buyer purchases a house via the listing agent directly, the listing agent normally takes the entire 6% commission (3% for the seller agent and 3% for the buyer agent). Therefore, an unrepresented buyer won't benefit from this process.

Just like other real estate firms, 3% is allocated to buyer agents as commission for our listings. However, as flat-fee agents, we take payment for the work we do only. Because sellers pay us for the houses we list, when you make an offer on one of those listed houses without using a buyer agent, we will refund the entire 3% as a price reduction to you! In this case, we represent the seller and his or her interests only. We are not intermediary agents/brokers. If an unrepresented buyer wants to tour a house, we show the house at $150 per showing, paid up front. If needed, we will prepare offer and guide unrepresented buyers through the entire process for free. Please note that the 3% off is for unrepresented buyers only. Buyers under an exclusive buyer agent agreement or other official relationship with an agent may not receive this 3%.

Please provide the house price below to calculate the dollar value after taking the 3% off.


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